The Canadian Penny Stocks blog is proud to announce the release of our latest project: The website has launched its very first product: Picking Profitable Penny Stocks video training course. The course features over 3 hours of solid investing information that is critical to investing success in penny stocks.

This course goes deeper into subjects than any post at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog and offer a raft of bonuses videos that get you to the heart of how I come up with posts and penny stocks for the blog and for my portfolio.

If you’re as interested in penny stocks as I am you’ll be interested to learn more. For a complete description of what you’re getting there, check out the site at for the full deal.

There’s a pretty great offer on the course. While the introductory offer itself makes it cheaper than any other video training around, if you couple that with our Questrade offer you will actually make $3.00 by joining the video training course.

The other great benefit of joining this course is the community. The course is setup in such a way that it allows participation by those who take the course, even though it’s completely self-paced and instantly available. By delivering the course this way, your learning doesn’t stop after you’ve finished the videos.

You get the benefit of an exclusive community of like-minded investors on the same path to profiting in penny stocks. Learning in community is always a good thing.

check out Picking Profitable Penny Stocks to learn more

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