This past week was a rough one on the stock market without question and the penny stocks mentioned here took some pain as well. So let’s get straight to the pain:

SLX.V – $0.98 – $0.85 (-13%)
WPX.TO – $1.46 – $1.27 (-13%)
BIO.V – $1.60 – $1.50 (-6%)

Down turns can be a good opportunity to see if stocks are just following the crowd downward or actually are being negatively impacted by some news. If a company is delivering good news in bad times and the stock continues to be beaten up, it could be a bargain. Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.

The great thing about penny stocks is that there are always exceptional performers even during bad days. Here are 5 penny stocks that performed great over the past 5 days:

PLL-X 1.23 up 48%
OPL-X 1.05 up 45%
CFM-X 0.81 up 40.5%
HDA-X 1.54 up 37%
WER-X 0.68 up 30%

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