One of the penny stocks to watch this week is Biosign Technologies. So what are they up to? Biosign is in the health monitoring business. Worth considering looking at the demographics of North Americans. Their main product is the Ufit system. Overall the stock is off of its high so it remains to be seen where it will consolidate its move back to. Further research would be required to see if this company will be moving back higher or continue a march downward. Due diligence always.

Here’s a quote from their website on what the system is all about:
Trademarked UFIT, the system serves as Biosign’s platform for delivering health monitoring services to individuals around the world. All services, including blood pressure monitoring, rely on digital representations of your pulse, captured at the wrist by a portable electronic device. Powered by the user’s computer, this device stores its readings on Biosign’s web servers and informs the “MODERN” tasks of UFIT monitoring – Measuring, Observing, Detecting, Evaluating, Reporting, and Networking.

Here’s a look at their chart for the past 3 months:

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