Followers of this blog know about Great Western Mineral Group and owners of the company have been very happy with the stock performance over the past 3 months. They have a consistent vision that they’re working towards and are positioned well to deliver on their vision and given the current price of oil, their timing could be lining up perfectly.

One of GWG’s key projects is at Steenkampskraal with their fully acquired company Rareco. There’s a great write up on the state of the project at The article shows again that they have a vision in place and why they are positioned for higher margins as a result of their mine to market strategy.

Without belabouring the point any longer here is the article:

Steenkampskraal: An Update

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As for the stock price itself, there has been a retreat from the highs. It was a substantial run up in a short period of time so the consolidation is expected. It’s possible, from a technical perspective that the stock price could continue lower to the low 70s or high 60s, however the past week has shown a stable price in the low 80s. It continues to be one I’m watching closely.

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