The TSX is still marching towards recording setting territory. With the close this week at 14,252 the top in 2008 is close to 15,000. This leaves me thinking that we’re going to be seeing a correction soon. Fundamentally speaking, the stock market was inflated when it reached that level initially and the bubble burst, so as we approach 15k again, are we really in a better position this time around? In a sense, yes we are better prepared to avoid a bubble like the previous one, however it doesn’t appear to me that a record setting stock market is justified given current market conditions. What do you think?

And now to the penny stocks of this past week and a few for next:
ARG.TO – $1.43 – $1.31
CWY.V – $0.07 – $0.08
SSL.V – $0.91 – $0.90

Two losers and a winner does’t make for a profitable week, however everyone has different timelines, so it’s important to know where your timelines and investing based on those. Also, taking a look at the stock prices through the week and some swing trading opportunities can present themselves.

So now for three more penny stock ideas:
SLX.V – $0.98
WPX.TO – $1.46
BIO.V – $1.60

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