Overall negative performing week on the Toronto Stock Exchange, based a lot of the political instability of the Arab world. There are many Canadian resource companies operating in Libya for example that have been hit hard by these events. But for now we just hope that the loss of lives ends and there can be a peaceful resolution. And we can see how the stocks performed this past week:

SFF.V $0.42 – $0.435
GUL.V $0.045 – $0.045
AAA.V $1.74 – $1.69

SFF was the only winner this week and it had performed even better if you were watching it mid-week. The others weren’t so successful, but considering the run AAA has had over the past several months, a stall in price movement is expected and may be forming a new base. Here are three to watch this week:

ARG.TO – $1.43
CWY.V – $0.07
SSL.V – $0.91

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