A great overall week in trading Canadian markets. Most people holding on to their index funds must be happy to hear the news that we’re now trading at levels pre-recession. But we’re also hearing talk that it’s been too much recovery too fast on the stock market and the fundamentals don’t support the price. The direction remains to be seen but most run-ups are always met with some resistance and are never all fun and profits.

Here are how the penny stocks mentioned last week performed:
RG.V – $0.23 – $0.24 (+4%)
WZR.V – $0.52 – $0.51 (-2%)
SCG.V – $0.17 – $0.205 (+17%)

Not stellar performances, especially considering the bullish run of the overall market, however let’s take a look at a few stocks that were featured back in January and see how they perform over the coming week.

SFF.V $0.42 on January 9th
GUL.V $0.045 on January 17th
AAA.V $1.74 on January 29th

While AAA has performed well during this time, the others haven’t really been exceptional, so we should it’s a good chance for review of the investing thesis around these companies to see if they are worthy of investment or not.

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