A great week to be an investor in Canadian stocks! A strong performance overall for the week, just a bit of a downer on Friday but nothing to worry too much about. Very interesting to look at the prices of the stocks that were mentioned last week. The green certainly out-weighing the red. There will likely continue some focus on AAA this week so keep an eye on that one again.

AAA.V – $1.40 – $1.80 (+29%)
QEI.V – $0.14 – $0.135 (-4%)
GEM.V – $0.40 – $0.485 (+21%)

With these great performances we’re again seeing the value in penny stocks. How couldn’t you? So here’s a few more to take a look at for this coming week. Have a great week and happy trading!

PPI.V – $0.74
INT.V – $0.49
NII.TO – $0.81

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