With an overall positive performance ending out the week, how did you do? The interesting story this week was the performance of gold. It looked like gold was trying to push through support levels and succeeded, if only for a day on Thursday. It strongly shot back up on Friday so the price of gold will be one to watch this coming week. So how about the penny stocks from last week?

IXS.V – $0.045 – $0.045
PRZ.V – $0.30 – $0.30
GAP.V – $0.135 – $0.12 (-12.5%)

Not a stellar performance. Not a lot of volume in these stocks, so it makes for a pretty uninteresting lot of characters. So let’s take a look at a few penny stocks that had large volumes this past week and see if the trend will continue this week. But remember volume does not equal profit! There’s on stock that traded over 15 million shares, but had major operations in a certain northern-eastern African country that doesn’t bode well for profits. So here are three that have had some

AAA.V – $1.40
QEI.V – $0.14
GEM.V – $0.40

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