Understanding Wall Street is not always an easy thing to do. The book “Understanding Wall Street” tried to get to the bottom of it and help you understand the might bull itself and covers a lot of ground over the 350 or so pages. So what is it all about?

Understanding Wall Street
History and Education
The book essentially covers the history of Wall Street and covers some investing background. Although you might disagree, I think knowing the history gives an interesting perspective on how got to where we are today. This book does a great of giving the history of stocks, the stock market, and the gradual introduction to technology into the markets.

There are educational sections that discuss the different vehicles for investment on the street, including bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and of course stocks. There is also an introduction to technical analysis, which is another foundational piece of education investors should at least be aware of, if not actively using as part of their investing process.

Keeping Relevant
The book is in its 5th edition and it has done an exceptional job at keeping relevant to the times. Many books published in the early 2000s, would have talked about history from the perspective of a strong bull market. Those books would say that we’ve figured all that bad stuff out and it’s not going to happen again. However we all know that’s not the case, and the book goes into detail about how the economic collapse occurred.

Should you buy it?
It depends. Heard that answer before? If you’re interested in the history of Wall Street and investing then you will likely enjoy this book. It’s not one that I would recommend to a beginner investor. There are a lot more practical books out there for beginners to apply the knowledge to investing. There are a few nuggets of practical advice in Understanding Wall Street however it’s mostly just interesting as a history lesson. At the end you’ll not likely turn into a better trader as a result of the book but you could impress your friends with your knowledge of the history of investing.