The year 2011 is going to be great one here at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog and the changes have already begun. The first major change was the return of comments to the blog. Commenting is certainly a great way to involve the readership. E-mails continue to be welcome and I do try to get back to everyone who does write, but having comments on the site can start up conversations amongst a group where everyone can benefit.

The next new feature available at the blog is the release of Trend Analysis report for the stocks featured on the site. We have teamed up with to deliver these informational reports. I’ve used these personally to identify entry and exit points while I was trading Silver Wheaton (SLW.TO) stock last year although I should have held on by looks of the share price today! The trend analysis is completely free, you’ll just need to provide a name and email address so the report can be delivered to you inbox.

The 3rd new feature is the addition of the mailing list. Many regular readers have been using the option to receive blog posts directly to their e-mail already, but now the mailing list has been enhanced and will bring exclusive content and reports. By signing up for the mailing list you’ll also get first dibs at an exclusive online Investing Forum targeted at penny stock investing. Just drop in your Name and E-Mail below to get started.

…and coming soon…
A site redesign. The Canadian Penny Stocks blog is coming up to its 2 year anniversary and it’s time for a bit of a makeover. This change make take a bit of time to get everything setup, but it will be another positive change that will help make the Canadian penny stock community all the better.
Happy trading until next time!