Another week of trading in the books. Were you actively trading or holding on through the fairly volatile on the Toronto Stock Exchange. There were some interesting things happen in the past little while. Steve Jobs taking another leave from Apple, Larry Page taking over as CEO of Google, and Jim Flaherty introducing tighter rules for home buying.

The news items mentioned above don’t necessarily impact penny stock investing in any great way but will serve to illustrate another important lesson in investing. Even though this blog focuses primarily on penny stocks, you still need to have a general understanding on where the market and economy at large is heading. Stories of large companies and government policies can often times dictate the mood of the market.

If the overall mood of the market is downtrodden then even when good news is released about a particular company, investors may not react as favourably as when the overall mood is good. So the stock may rise in a down market, but the level of the rise might not be as high. So if you’re looking to do some swing trading you need to know what to expect from the overall market and how the penny stock you invest in might react.

This weeks stocks didn’t perform all that strongly, two losers and a winner. Here is the run down:
GUL.V – $0.05 – $0.06 (+20%)
AZD.TO – $0.39 – $0.34 (-13%)
UCU.V – $0.91 – $0.83 (-8.8%)

Need a few ideas for this coming week? How about these three:
IXS.V – $0.045
PRZ.V – $0.30
GAP.V – $0.135

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