Over the past couple months the comments have been disabled on the blog.  It wasn’t the ideal scenario since hearing from readers is a welcome part of the blog, but it was time to put a hold on it as the level of spam and moderation was at a pretty wild ratio.  Now we’re happy to introduce disqus comments!

What’s different about disqus?
It’s a platform that takes the conversations from the internet into one location.  So if people are discussing and referencing a post on twitter, facebook, or digg they will also be showing up on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog post itself.  That way no matter where other people are discussing the post on the internet you can get all of their inputs and opinions on the blog.  Of course, you can still leave comments directly on the blog too.

Right now only new posts will have the option to comment, but as the year moves forward we may look at moving all the existing comments to disqus and opening them up for comment again.

How Do I Sign Up?
Commenting with disqus is a snap.  If you have a twitter account then you can simply sign in with that account and you’re good to go.  You can also go to disqus.com and sign up for an account directly there as well (it’s free!).

So there we have it.  Back in commenting action.  Here’s to building the Canadian penny stocks investing community on the blog again.

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