Back in November we had discussed Belo Sun Mining, a mining exploration company that had a nice run up from $0.41 to $0.82 which was a tidy double in price. They had some attention in the media at that time as well so it was worth mentioning. Now what are they up to? The most recent close was at $0.90 which isn’t much higher than the close featured in late November. Still, a 10% return in a few months will buy a few cappuccinos even on a small sum of money.
One of their projects has recently announced some positive news. The Brazil based Volta-Grande Gold project. Belo Sun is indicating that their level of indicated gold has increased by 340,000 ounces. Their project is also currently 100% owned.

The news release follows:
Belo Sun Mining Increases Indicated Mineral Resources to 1,059,000 Ounces and Inferred Mineral Resources to 2,018,000 Ounces at the Volta Grande Gold Project, Brazil

Belo Sun Mining 6 month chart
6 month chart of Belo Sun Mining.

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