It’s time to take a look at a few penny stocks that might be worth researching this week. For one reason or another these stocks have been on investors radars of late and could still see some interest in the coming week. That being said, even though a stock might have interest over the span of a couple of days it’s generally not expected to profit from a stock in a matter of a couple of days.

Short-term profits are indeed possible and do occur in penny stocks more often than other areas of investing, however that’s not our goal here necessarily. Some trends take longer to run and usually take weeks to months to pan out. So if you find yourself swept along in a momentum driven stock you could end up losing money after the rush is over. That’s when you have to ask yourself the tough question. Did I research this company or did I just get swept up?

With all that said here a couple small cap penny stocks to consider:
BNT.V – $0.12
SFF.V – $0.50
CGT.V – $0.70

Take a look and research them if they seem interesting to you. We will be looking forward to hearing more about the progression of the overall economy through US earnings season results on their way soon. Surely the Canadian Penny Stocks blog will be around to place some musings around the relationship to small caps.

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