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Entries for January, 2011

Canadian Penny Stocks Roundup

With an overall positive performance ending out the week, how did you do? The interesting story this week was the performance of gold. It looked like gold was trying to push through support levels and succeeded, if only for a day on Thursday. It strongly shot back up on Friday so the price of gold […]

Discovering Gold Juniors

There’s been a lot talk around gold lately, but where is it going to next? The price of gold has come off of hits all-time highs and has many people looking to find support while others saying it’s the end of the gold bull run. They say it takes both sides to make a market […]

Book Review: Understanding Wall Street

Understanding Wall Street is not always an easy thing to do. The book “Understanding Wall Street” tried to get to the bottom of it and help you understand the might bull itself and covers a lot of ground over the 350 or so pages. So what is it all about? History and Education The book […]

What’s New At The Canadian Penny Stocks Blog

The year 2011 is going to be great one here at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog and the changes have already begun. The first major change was the return of comments to the blog. Commenting is certainly a great way to involve the readership. E-mails continue to be welcome and I do try to get […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Week In Review

Another week of trading in the books. Were you actively trading or holding on through the fairly volatile on the Toronto Stock Exchange. There were some interesting things happen in the past little while. Steve Jobs taking another leave from Apple, Larry Page taking over as CEO of Google, and Jim Flaherty introducing tighter rules […]

Let’s Talk Disclosure

If you’ve spent some quality time watching BNN like I have you will often notice that the advisors that they often have on their programs will disclose whether or not they own the investments that they’re talking about. This is an important thing to consider and is even more important when you look at penny […]

The Discussion Returns To Canadian Penny Stocks Blog

Over the past couple months the comments have been disabled on the blog.  It wasn’t the ideal scenario since hearing from readers is a welcome part of the blog, but it was time to put a hold on it as the level of spam and moderation was at a pretty wild ratio.  Now we’re happy […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Recap

This week’s recap of penny stock ideas brings up an essential foundation in any investment philosophy. And it’s always good to go back to basics even if you’re a seasoned pro. Just like the pros in baseball go for spring training, sometimes we as investors need to go back some basic lessons to keep ourselves […]

An Update On Belo Sun Mining

Back in November we had discussed Belo Sun Mining, a mining exploration company that had a nice run up from $0.41 to $0.82 which was a tidy double in price. They had some attention in the media at that time as well so it was worth mentioning. Now what are they up to? The most […]

Penny Stock Preview For The Week

It’s time to take a look at a few penny stocks that might be worth researching this week. For one reason or another these stocks have been on investors radars of late and could still see some interest in the coming week. That being said, even though a stock might have interest over the span […]