If you’re just starting or a serious investor you might be considering taking the Canadian Securities Course. If you’re considering a career as a broker you’ll need this course, but what about you the individual trader? Does taking this course make you better prepared to handle the markets?

Chances are, no. The fact however is that you will have a very clear picture of all aspects of securities as they are now in Canada. This isn’t just stocks and bonds, but covers options, segregated funds, hedge funds and other investment products. They great thing about this course is that it has the time to cover a lot of material on each of the subjects.

The difficult part of the course is that it is at a self-study pace which can make it difficult if you don’t commit yourself to studying in a planned and efficient manner otherwise the material may overwhelm someone new to investing.

People that are new to investing should be able to handle the course and learn about the various aspects of the financial markets. You would need to comfortable with your math skills to pass the two exams that are a part of the course however in investing it’s always the numbers that matter.

The course doesn’t cover the common techniques that a trader or investor would take in many different situations. So there isn’t the immediate practicality of reading some other investing related books, but it’s a personal belief that having a strong grounding in the basics will allow you to adapt to changing market conditions instead of relying on a strategy that can only be exploited for so long.

To wrap things up, if you’re someone who is interested in learning the ins and out of the Canadian securities environment and the different ways that you can make money investing then the course if for you. If you’re looking to become the next great day trader after taking the course then it won’t live up to your expectations.

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