The Belo Sun Mining company is one that has been mentioned recently on the Penny Stocks to Watch and has had some recent media attention and a nice run up in price over the past few months from lows of $0.41 to the current price of $0.82 after its recent pullback. So who exactly is Belo Sun Mining? They’re formerly known as Verena Minerals Corporation and there website is still located at:

The company is a Canadian based mineral exploration company with a portfolio of properties including gold and Alexandrite gemstones in Brazil. Brazil is a great country to be in at this point in time considering the political stability compared with some other nations where mining companies operate. The other great thing to consider here is the current prices for gold make gold mining stocks attractive. Belo Sun currently has 2.2 million ounces of gold resource in their Volte-Grande project. It’s 100% owned, Brazil-based project.

Disclosure: Author does not own shares in the company. Considering an investment, doing the homework.