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Entries for October, 2010

Can You Buy Penny Stocks In A TFSA?

A Canadian Penny Stocks blog reader had a good question that might be of interest to other readers so I thought it would be a good chance to share it through a post. The question is simple: Can you buy penny stocks within a TFSA (Tax-Free Saving Account)? The short answer is Yes! That’s the […]

Great Western Minerals Reaches New 52 Week High

Great news for investors in GWG as it reaches a new 52-week high closing at $0.42 on a 15% move. This is one stock that continues to be on the watch list as a result of their potential combined with the compelling story for rare earth element companies into the future. Chinese companies dominate the […]

Google Domestic Trends And The Economy

I recorded a video to show how the trend in search for US markets. It’s interesting to see where the steady decline in almost all areas of the searchscape. Many of the volume correlate closely to seasonal and news driven events. When the great recession settled in, the results were noticeable however there is little […]

Survivorship Bias And Penny Stocks

Here at the Canadian penny stocks blog we’re always interested in seeing how stocks mentioned on the blog have performed. While there have been many stocks that didn’t perform well, and others performing exceptionally well (over 2000% now) it’s always great to look back and see some of the changes in prices. There is a […]

Straight A Trading With Questrade

The Canadian Penny Stocks Blog has reviewed Questrade before and has $50 of free trades on offer if you sign up through the link. But until November 30th, 2010, Questrade is sweetening the deal with a chance to win a professional stock trading course valued at $5000 (plus up to $2000 in airfare and accommodation). […]

Have You Considered A Sub-Penny Stock?

An interesting question. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are interested in penny stock investing. Stocks that generally trade below the $2.00 range, but on occasion a bit higher than that. There are however a different breed of stocks. The sub-penny stock. Stocks that trade below $0.05. I’ll be honest here and say […]