Whether you invest in penny stocks, blue chips, or government bonds, are you doing it year round or just during “RRSP season” in January/February. It’s my hope that you’re indeed looking at investing year round, month in and month out. While it’s a good thing to consider your investing goals only once or twice a year, it’s important to know where you’re at year round.

There are a lot of investor profiles out there but most people generally are longer term holders of stock and not day traders. Even many people who do day trade also have a longer term investment strategy operating at the same time. So having this working knowledge of your investment year round is critical to everyone. There are a couple of things you would want to consider year round.

– Are my investments still in line with your goals?
– Are my investments performing as they should be?
– Are my investment goals changing?
– Is my risk tolerance changing?

These questions should be asked monthly at least, and don’t take more than a few minutes of mental energy. The other thing to consider is buying investments on a monthly or bi-weekly basis to take advantage of dollar cost averaging. If you don’t know the power of dollar cost averaging I strongly recommend you learn more about it this. It’s a great way to build a sizable portfolio for small incremental investments.

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