One of the stocks on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog that has been of interest this year is Great Western Mineral Group (GWG). They have been under a lot of downward pressure with their share price for the majority of this year however have recently been on a tear after a bout of good news and have seen their share price double in the past 2 months. Still not at the 52 week high levels of the fall of 2009 but certainly within reach.

So what have they been up to?
Probably one of the more significant news release from the company of late is the announcement that they are purchasing 100% of the rare earth elements being produced by Rareco in South Africa. This is a part of their effort to be a fully integrated company with their mine-to-market strategy.

Why does the Canadian Penny Stocks blog like this company?
First off, reiterating the fact that this is not a paid promotion, and not a recommendation to invest. Always perform your own due diligence and consult and investment professional before investing. That being said this company has a great thing going for it and that is vision. They have a consistent vision of what they are trying to achieve and all of their focus is on meeting that vision. When you see a company that operates in this way success can’t be too far behind.

Often times investing in penny stocks is fraught with terror and scams. Many companies don’t have a clear vision besides making money and cashing out. These are the companies that will make money for the board members while leaving investors out to dry. This is NOT one of those companies. As long as the company continues to deliver on its consistent path towards achieving its vision it will be one to watch.

Sign up for their newsletter. The company’s website has a place where you can sign up for their newsletter. I’ve found this very helpful in getting the latest on the company as it happens.

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