If you’ve been following the Canadian Penny Stocks blog for some time now you’ve likely heard about Atac Resources. This company was initially featured a while back and was trading at $0.30. Well it’s always been a consistent performer and exemplifies the reason why penny stocks is so rewarding. When they hit, they hit big.

As of close of markets on Friday ATC closed at $6.00. This phenomenal increase is 1900% so not quite the 2000% as advertised but it rounds up nicely and I have confidence that it will make it to the 2000% level.

Does this mean it’s time to invest? Not necessarily because it’s already experience huge growth and does not mean it will continue at such explosive rates. It will always be up to yourself and your investment advisor to determine what is a good investment opportunity.

The most important thing to recognize from this story is the potential that lies in investing in penny stocks. Sure there will be many losses and significant ones at times, however the returns can truly be phenomenal. A $1000 investment in ATC could have been turned into $19,000 in this case. This is what keeps us coming back for more.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of these stunning success stories in the future. Happy penny stock trading.

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