First we covered off Tantalum and learned that Commerce Resources (CCE.V) is a Canadian penny stock exploring for this rare earth element. The additional element that Commerce Resources is looking for is Niobium. Niobium has its own unique set of characteristics however can often be difficult to distinguish from Tantalum because of their physical properties.

Niobium is effective in high thermal conductivity, it’s resistant to corrosion, and is also heat resistant. The most common use of this element is in making stainless steel alloys. It’s also used in other high-strength alloys. Often times the steel made with niobium are used in the natural gas and oil industries for large diameter pipes. This is a note to those investing in oil fields penny stocks as well. Think of the supply chain implications and making money from one end to the other.

Any application of strength and lightweight metals must be created niobium may be taking a part. It is also used in superconducting magnets.

Brazil and Canada are the two largest producers of the element however Brazil far exceeds the Canadian production currently. If you’re searching for more information on niobium or tantalum take a look at the Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center.

To successfully invest in penny stocks of any kind you will need to have a background into what you are investing. You will not likely have the time to get into all of the specifics; however at least having the basic understanding of what you’re investing your hard earned money in should make you accountable. This is reason behind these rare earth element posts.

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