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Entries for September, 2010

Advanced Explorations Inc A New Move

Recently on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog there hasn’t been a lot of talk about specific penny stock picks/ideas. It’s an effort to strike a balance between investing ideas, general economy/market investing commentary, and investing philosophy. The weight has shifted away from the ideas part lately though so it’s time to take a look at […]

Investing Is A Year Round Job

Whether you invest in penny stocks, blue chips, or government bonds, are you doing it year round or just during “RRSP season” in January/February. It’s my hope that you’re indeed looking at investing year round, month in and month out. While it’s a good thing to consider your investing goals only once or twice a […]

Canadian Stock Market Analysis

The stock market of the past week has shown some strength and is close to breaking through a 6 month high. Does this mean it’s time to invest or time to unload. The answer, as often in investing, is it depends. In the short term it looks like there will be enough resistance and shift […]

Have You Been Following GWG?

One of the stocks on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog that has been of interest this year is Great Western Mineral Group (GWG). They have been under a lot of downward pressure with their share price for the majority of this year however have recently been on a tear after a bout of good news […]

High Risk Retirement: Penny Stocks and TFSA

If you’re a Canadian reading this then chances are that you’re entitled to open a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).  These accounts are a really great way to invest in high risk vehicles like penny stocks.  You might think not but a very real opportunity exists to make a significant impact on your retirement by […]

TSX Market Technical Outlook

This past week on the Toronto Stock Exchange was a positive one. But is it staying that way? Let’s take a look at some basic technical analysis to see if it is. The week closed a 3 month high and broke through the resistance level. All signs are pointing to a continuing trend upward until […]

A 2000% Increase In This Penny Stock

If you’ve been following the Canadian Penny Stocks blog for some time now you’ve likely heard about Atac Resources. This company was initially featured a while back and was trading at $0.30. Well it’s always been a consistent performer and exemplifies the reason why penny stocks is so rewarding. When they hit, they hit big. […]

Another Rare Earth Element: Niobium

First we covered off Tantalum and learned that Commerce Resources (CCE.V) is a Canadian penny stock exploring for this rare earth element. The additional element that Commerce Resources is looking for is Niobium. Niobium has its own unique set of characteristics however can often be difficult to distinguish from Tantalum because of their physical properties. […]