Canada is truly a land of penny stock opportunities. This is the primary reason why this blog makes Canadian penny stocks its primary focus. There are several reasons why Canada, above all other countries makes it a great opportunity to make large profits from small investments. Of course, with high reward comes high risk, but that much is usually a given and applies here.

A Land Of Resources
The most natural reason that Canada is a land full of penny stock opportunities is that it is a land full of natural resources. From oil, gold, and diamonds, to potash and other more industrial type commodities, there are immense stores of these within the Canadian borders and as such many companies setup shop and operate in Canada to seek out and find these resources. If and when they do the companies then face the decision to grow larger or become acquired by another company. In either case the investor is surely the winner.

A Land Of Security
The US surely outnumbers Canada in the number of securities listed in its various exchanges but the reality is that the US markets are rife with frauds. There are so many going on that it’s just not possible for the SEC to manage to find them all. So the frauds continue. In Canada however, the listing requirements for the Toronto Venture Exchange do make it more difficult for fraud to occur. Canada is also a much smaller investing landscape and most of the time the scam artists are only concerned with the bigger market so once again Canada remains safer than its southern counterpart.

So the Canadian small cap equities market is clearly more appealing than the US for the abundance of natural resources within the borders of this northern country and the security that is present in the equities market they are traded on. Until one of these factors changes, Canadian penny stocks will continue to be an investing segment that is worth paying attention to.

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