A Canadian penny stock mentioned before on this site is in need of an update. Century Mining Corporation is a very well positioned junior gold company with plans of growing in production and land acquisitions. The share price has had an up and down ride over the past 6 months and has settled in the 40 to 50 cent range. The most recent development is the announcement of the resignation of President Margaret Kent.

Of Kent, Ricardo M. Campoy, Lead Director of Century, stated: “Peggy has led Century through some very difficult times and has positioned the Company to achieve its corporate production goals in Québec, Canada and Peru. The Company is greatly indebted to her for her dedication of time and effort and personal sacrifices which she has made for the Company. On behalf of the Board, I wish her every success in her future endeavors.” (source)

When a member of senior management leaves a company it’s an opportunity to reflect on where the company has been and where new management might take the company. When the results of their executive search are made known take the opportunity to see if the person they are bringing on has the experience in bringing companies to the next level.

There is a lot of interest and potential in this Canadian penny stock. Many people speculate a share price of between $2 and $3 once plans are fully implemented. This blog won’t speculate on that right now. All this of course will need to be played out in order to know for sure. But keeping an eye to what they’re doing now through this transition period could be the opportunity to invest in it from an earlier stage.

Due diligence always.

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