A reader of the Canadian Penny Stocks Blog has pointed our attention to yet another stock that is worth looking into. In his own words “Great play, promising press releases and the stock is incredibly priced at $.06. Just announced partnerships with MCSFT and Paradigm, NVIDIA is a large shareholder and is feeding them work, AXE are leaders in the GPU field, no debt and growing revenues…real sleeper here

The company is Accelware Corp (AXE.V).
They specialize in creating computer software and hardware that reduces the processing time for complex mathematical equations. Their solutions are already being used by companies running computer simulations and processing data in large blocks from many industries.

Considering their strategic partnerships and the growth of information and simulations being run by companies in all sectors it seems that this company is well positioned for growth. Companies such as Intel and AMD are actually running into the fact that their processor can’t physically get any smaller so they need to start looking at other ways to increase processing times. Accelware can help.

The 52 week range for the price is between $0.03 and $0.10 while it is currently trading at $0.07. It’s fairly tightly held so getting a piece of this stock might be difficult but it would certainly be a long term hold.

Here is the 12 month chart of the Accelware Corp stock:

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