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Entries for July, 2010

Two Stock Market Movies To Watch

Investing is a fun game but isn’t it a fun to see how the big boys do it too? I really get a kick out movies about investing and the stock market. There have been a few classics over the years and with the Wall Street 2 “Money Never Sleeps” coming to theatres soon enough […]

Sell In July And It’s Time To Fly

The stock market is continuing its stretch of volatility and shows no signs of easing. The announcement from Ben Bernanke today did nothing but bad things to shake the confidence of investors. With the TSX sitting at around 11,500 there are little indications to show support to move higher. Naturally the overall stock market isn’t […]

Site News…Comments Are Down For The Count

Here at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog we always value the input of our valued readers. It’s always great to hear what readers have in mind for their penny stock ideas and industry trends they are following. A two way street for communications is really beneficial for everyone. But alas one such avenue is being […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Update

A quick update on the stocks mentioned yesterday. The overall stock market had another strong showing. A couple more strong days would put it in an uptrend but for it’s not enough to consider it a firm footing to a move higher right now. VMS Ventures Inc (VMS.V) $0.22 – Close $0.24 (+9.09%) Blue Note […]

Triple Digits Gains On TSX?

The volatility remains on the stock market. A wild ride after Monday’s sell off. It’s difficult times for investors but nevertheless in the penny stock market there is always companies moving on their own news more so than that of the general market. Here are two companies to take a look at tomorrow: VMS Ventures […]