Just a quick update after a very profitable day of stock market trading. I’m hoping to see another strong day of profitability, however don’t expect that trend to continue through the end of the week. Several of my trades are close to making their targets and I’ll be taking some of the money off of the table on some of them.

Unfortunately one of my picks of the year this year was Great Western Minerals Group hasn’t been performing. I still am planning on holding on to this company for the longer term, but it’s unfortunate that it hasn’t been a big winner.

The lesson from above is that you need to have an exit point for both taking profits and cutting losses on all of your positions. Several penny stocks I’ve invested in were clearly trades from the outset and specific targets and those are close to being met. GWG.V is one that I’ve always been interested in holding for a longer term, so I’ve widened the profit/loss gap on this one.

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