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Entries for June, 2010

Technical Stock Market Outlook

The market volatility is certainly continuing throughout this week. With triple digit moves in both directions it’s difficult to determine where the overall stock market is headed. Unfortunately from a technical analysis perspective it doesn’t look good. Check out this 3 month chart of the TSX. The short term trading range is between 11400 and […]

Canadian Penny Stock Ideas

It’s been a while since there’s been a couple Canadian penny stocks ideas here so I thought it was time to try and bring back the quick picks to the blog. These stocks mentioned here aren’t always ones that are expecting explosive growth. They are simply stock ideas that came to my attention and may […]

Is Now A Good Time For Penny Stocks?

With all of the volatility in the stock markets these days many investors are wondering just why they are investing in the stock market in the first place. Penny stocks are a land of true volatility, but when the entire market is reacting the same way is it time for you to consider an investment […]

OTC Markets And The Canadian Advantage

In an attempt to continue to bring some multimedia to the Canadian Penny Stocks blog most of this post takes the form of a YouTube video. Over on the twitter there was mention of trading penny stocks on the OTC markets in the US versus trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. It’s an interesting subject […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Positions

Just a quick update after a very profitable day of stock market trading. I’m hoping to see another strong day of profitability, however don’t expect that trend to continue through the end of the week. Several of my trades are close to making their targets and I’ll be taking some of the money off of […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Update

On the precipice of another stock market trading week we’re taking a look at the two penny stock picks that were mentioned this past week; LGM and GWY. It’s interesting to note that LGM hasn’t actually traded since Tuesday. I did some digging but couldn’t find anything that resembled the stock being halted or renamed […]

Canadian Penny Stock Preview

It’s not hard to see that it’s a tough market to be investing in right now. The fluctuations are wild, the emotion and reaction to news headlines are far out weighing their financial impacts on the companies. It’s the best of investing times, it’s the worst of investing times. There are always places to make […]

Investing With iPhone Apps

Do you have an iPhone? If so, then you have, in the palm of your hand, a great platform for building up the information you need to know to be a successful investor. There are a lot of business and finance apps available for the iPhone both paid and free. While the paid applications generally […]