It’s a question worth asking yourself every now and then. Can you really make money with penny stocks? This type of stock is often associated with junk status and rife with scammers and never an opportunity to make an honest dollar. This blog really doesn’t subscribe to the scammer mentality and believes that there are occasionally small caps stocks out there that really do have potential and honest profits.

By investing capital in small companies you are helping companies with real people make a real living. You are participating in the free market that we are very fortunate to be able to be involved in. By taking some time to really learn about the companies you choose to invest in, you will know that they are making steps towards success.

Not all companies in the sub $5.00 stock price range will be able to become large corporations nor do all of them desire to. It’s OK there are still lots of stocks that will allow you to make oodles of profit under the $5 stock price range.

Be prepared for losses while investing in penny stocks. It’s true that there will be losses, but it’s important to have you’re plan in place and research done. If you truly do your homework on a stock you will come to realized whether or not a stock is a scam or really worthwhile. The people out to scam you are mostly people that are hoping that you buy without due diligence. It works for them in spades too. Don’t let yourself be a part of that.

So to answer the question. YES you really can make money with penny stocks. They are clearly a high-risk way to invest money, but for those who have the time to perform some stock market research it does have the potential to return real money.

Happy Trading

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