The Canadian Penny Stocks blog has been on a bit of vacation because the author is on a bit of a vacation. A big one in fact. The great thing about investing is that if the stocks you follow are for the long term then a couple of weeks off won’t impact the long term impact of your portfolio at all. As long as you keep the occasional tab on the markets and news releases from your company then you’re golden. This is very possible through the magic of the internet.

A Recommended Read
Having had the chance to read a few books over the vacation so far, I’ve got one to recommend. It’s called Rework and it’s by the guys at 37signals. This book is by no means an investing book but it is still relevant to anyone who reads this blog. Why you ask? It gets back to the basics of entrepreneurship which is really the spirit that drives independent investors.

Meetings are toxic
One of my favorite sections of the book was about meetings and put simply: meetings are toxic. So you should be avoiding them at all costs. Next time you’re in a meeting, look at the people around you, add up what their collective hourly wage would be and see how much money is being spent on the meeting. Staggering really.

Back To Investing
Although there’s nothing specifally mentioned about investing. Penny stock investors are looking at small companies. This books focuses on people operating in small businesses. It really might be worth considering some of the subjects covered in this book then look at the management of the company you’re thinking of investing in. If you see that management is looking to actually contribute to the success of the company, not just his bottom line then you might just have yourself a winner.

Should You Read It?
Absolutely. The book should really serve as a discussion point for why you do what you do at any workplace, not just if you own your own company or are investing in an up and coming company. Get out there and check it out.

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