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Entries for April, 2010

Penny Stock Update (SSS.V)

One of the companies followed here at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog is Stem Cell Therapeutics (SSS.V).  They have recently announced their year end and here are few keys takeaways and what the management had to say: Operating Highlights from 2009 and the period ending April 13, 2010: Presented positive final results for the BETAS […]

Making Money With Canadian Penny Stocks

Century Mining is killing it.  Have you been following it at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog?  On March 24 we posted a penny stock profile on the company and it was trading around $0.45 and broke out in early April and is now $0.63. But in October of 2009 we mentioned the stock at $0.185. […]

Book Review: Rework

The Canadian Penny Stocks blog has been on a bit of vacation because the author is on a bit of a vacation. A big one in fact. The great thing about investing is that if the stocks you follow are for the long term then a couple of weeks off won’t impact the long term […]