This is a brand new penny stock being mentioned here on the blog.  This stock has been bouncing around a bit over the past 3 months but steadily in an uptrend.  Although purely speculative, some are saying $1.00 in 12 months.  Of course all penny stocks are speculative.  Due Diligence always.

About the Company

Maple Leaf Reforestation Inc. is a Canadian public company, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange – Venture Board, with the primary focus on growing “Value Added Tree Seedlings” in China to help correct their environmental issues as well as for Landscaping and Nursery Products.

Maple Leaf is a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (“WOFE”), which allows Maple Leaf to control 100% of the direction and operations of the company in China. Also, this allows the cash flow from the operations in China to flow back to the parent company in Canada.

Maple Leaf currently has over 6,000,000 various types of seedlings under cultivation inside our 110,000 square feet greenhouse or within our nursery growing facility.

Maple Leaf Reforestation News Releases

Latest News Release: Maple Leaf Signs MOU for Waste Oil Collection and Processing

A great research report on Maple Leaf Reforestation. Although a paper from 2008, still a good reference to better understand the company.

6 Month Chart

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