Nuvo Research Inc. (Nuvo) is a drug development company, focused on the research and development of drug products delivered into and through the skin, primarily in the area of pain. It is also involved in research and development activities involving WF10, a chlorite based, immunomodulating drug, through its 60% interest in Dimethaid AG. The Company operates in two business segments: Pain, utilizing the Company’s topical and transdermal drug delivery platform, and Immunology, utilizing the Company’s immune system regulation platform. Pennsaid, the Company’s product is used to treat the pain and symptoms associated with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Pennsaid combines a transdermal carrier with diclofenac sodium, and delivers the active skin directly to the site of pain and inflammation.

News Releases for Nuvo Research

The latest news from NRI is both good and bad.  It’s great that they’ve converted all of their debentures to common shares.  The good is that they’re now not carrying the debt therefore alleviating interest payments.  The bad is that they are “deep in the money” so you won’t likely see a lot of people selling them until share prices increase along with them.  It’s overall good for the company though so it’s worth taking into consideration before their next earnings release.

SEDAR Filings for Nuvo Research

Nuvo Research

6 Month Chart for Nuvo Research

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