An interesting day on the stock markets with them trying to break through to positive territory but after the strong start Monday morning, we’ve been moving our way downward.  Gold and oil seem to be hold above support levels which is great for the resource investor.

A couple of people have been asking about GWG.V with good reason.  It’s been beat up pretty seriously lately with it closing today at $0.22.  Personally, I’m still a long term holder of the company. There are just not enough companies in this space and it seems as though Great Western has its act together and believes in its business plan.  This might not be a short term winner for many people but the important thing is that management has a vision for the company which is extremely important for the future success of the company.   Here’s some new info just released:

True North options 65% of its Yukon rare earth discovery to Great Western Minerals

True North Gems Inc. and Great Western Minerals Group Ltd are pleased to announce that TGX has granted GWMG an option to acquire up to a 65% working interest in TGX’s True Blue property in the Yukon in exchange for carrying TGX through to completion of a bankable feasibility study.

The True Blue property is located 55 kilometres south of Ross River, Yukon and is accessible via all-weather road to the Ketza River gold mine, followed by 10 kilometers of summer-only road to the property.

The property covers a batholith of Mississippian-age syenite, coeval felsic volcanic rocks and lower Paleozoic clastic and carbonate rocks of Silurian age. During a 2009 exploration program on the property, TGX discovered three new Rare Earth Element (REE) showings which returned assays of up 6.02% Total Rare Earth Oxides + Yttrium (TREO) and 2.52% Niobium Oxide (Nb2O5) with a high proportion of Neodymium and Heavy Rare Earth Elements (see True North Gems News Release Nov. 24, 2009)…..


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