It looks as though the Bank of Canada has decided to stand firm with interest rates at 0.25% but that rate hikes are likely to occur in June.  It’s one of those good news bad news type situations, but it’s really in the economies best interest to see these rates rise and stimulus slowly removed to see how the economy is really doing.  I suspect that the economy is flat overall at the moment as opposed to the positive growth that has been reported, but flat is better than declining, and we are indeed on the road to recovery.

One stock that has been mentioned on the Canadian Penny stocks blog before has been Western Wind Energy.  They’ve recently supplied a financing update that you should check out: Western Wind Energy Corp. – Windstar financing update.  Currently trading at $1.68 (WND.V).

Although oil is sitting comfortably around $80, it could easily break through resistance and head up to $100 again.  Having an alternative energy company is a great idea to complement any oil/drilling companies that you may also be interested in.

Due diligence always though!

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