Occasionally we will take the time to look a company in a little more depth instead of just mentioning them.  So for today we’ll be looking at a company that has risen quickly recently but after watching for a little while now it seems like it’s a stock that is volatile enough to buy on dips and profit on peaks, or hold for a longer term investment.  These stocks are great for readers since they can be played both as a trade and as an investment.  Without any further delay.

Atikwa Resources Inc. – ATK.V

The Background (taken from the company website)
The Atikwa strategy is really quite simple. Find existing oil fields with large volumes of oil in place, which have been neglected due to their historically slow recovery (generally referred to as “tight reservoirs”) and then focus on enhancing that recovery through improved drilling and fracing strategies. Many of these pools, which are still being developed by traditional vertical wells can only be expected to recover in the area of five to ten percent of the actual oil in place. Recent technological improvements in drilling techniques for shale oil and gas throughout North America have opened up new opportunities to enhance these historically tight oil formations. A five to ten percent improvement in the recovery of oil from a pool with a large OOIP can translate into significant new reserves without having to expose the Company to the risks of exploration drilling.

The Chart

The Recent News
Atikwa Resources Inc. Announces Final Closing of Equity Financing

In conclusion
Check this one out for yourself.  This company is looking pretty solid, just need to hear back with some more drilling results, but this is one company that could be joining the 100% gainers club this year.

What’s Your take on it?

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