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Entries for February, 2010

Last Time On The Canadian Penny Stocks Blog

On the last post here on the blog, the suggested stock to watch was Norwood Resources NRS.V.  As expected the sell off occurred and the stock is sitting around $0.06 which is far off of the close of $0.095.  It would never be in the nature of this blog to say buy this stock, but […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

The TSX had a great week overall, although not so sure that will continue on into this week.  We’re going to be looking at weaker gold prices, as more investors continue to pick up the US dollar in response to their increasing the discount rate.  That doesn’t mean that penny stock companies will necessarily be […]

Questrade Discount Broker Review and $50

If you’re a trader of penny stocks you’ll really appreciate the amount of money that can be sucked away by commissions, on large lots of stock.  With some of the larger brokerages you could be paying $100 or more in commissions and ECN fees.  If you’re not looking at cheaper alternatives, then you should be […]

Penny Stock Company Focus On ATK.V

Occasionally we will take the time to look a company in a little more depth instead of just mentioning them.  So for today we’ll be looking at a company that has risen quickly recently but after watching for a little while now it seems like it’s a stock that is volatile enough to buy on […]

Wednesday Penny Stocks Preview

It was a strong day on the overall TSX and indications are that the rally will continue for at least another day.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for gold prices since it’s again trading over the $1100 which is great for a lot of small cap resource stocks out there.  I also tweeted about […]

The Happy Valentines Penny Stocks

Well Happy Valentines Day to all of you penny stock investors out there. Hopefully this is another day where you’re able to spend time with your loved ones and share with them your time and kind words. So after you’ve done that I’ve just a got a quick little message about investing in penny stocks, […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Wednesday Preview

Going to be a quick update of the previous picks. The Canadian Penny Stocks blogger has been busy not posting and getting ready to release some great material on investing in penny stocks. It’s going to be an expanded version of the 10 Rules For Penny Stock Investing. You know the rules, but this is […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

A serious week of ups and downs on the stock market the past week. In a previous post we had talked about bouncing off of support levels which the TSX indeed did and continued upwards however midway through the week the bounce off of support ended and back down the markets went but on Friday, […]

Canadian Penny Stocks In Focus

Hello everyone and welcome to a profitable week in the world of penny stocks and the overall stock market. As was suggested by the previous post, we were testing the support levels of a longer term channel in the TSX. In most cases the support and resistance levels will be confirmed and the trend will […]