The big news coming out Wednesday will be with Apple. Not much in the way of a penny stock investment but it will be a great gadget and likely make it on to my must have gadget of the year, so I’m looking forward to the announcement. In other, non-penny stock related news, the Berkshire Hathaway B-class shares will be added to the S&P 500 index therefore causing an increase in demand for the share by index funds purchasing them. Expect a very tradeable run up in this stock in the coming weeks.

As for penny stock picks, here’s how they went down from yesterday:
EFG.V – $0.63 – Close $0.58 (-7.94%) This one could be over-hyped and continuing its way down. Keep an eye though.
TYE.V – $0.135 – Close $0.11 (-18.52%) Extremely low volume. Price swings can be expected with such low volumes.

Canadian Penny Stocks ideas for tomorrow include:
ARG.TO – $0.83

SGR.V – $3.46 – San Gold continues to deliver. Will be hurt by softening gold prices though. Watch for opportunities.

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