So another downer day on the TSX with gold and oil going in the same direction. It will be interesting to watch gold tomorrow as the technical support level at $1100 may be tested and the next level is another $50 lower. Not good news for the index and it’s looking like it’s more bad news from the Asian markets as well.

Yesterday’s Penny Stock ideas were:
KNP.V – $0.155 – Close $0.145 (-6.45%)
EC.V – $0.94 – Close $0.89 (-5.32%)

Tomorrows Stock Ideas are taken from Market Call tonight. I’ve never consistently looked to see if there’s a bump in small cap stocks the day after they are mentioned or featured on BNN. So we have:
IAE.V – $1.39
MBC.TO – $2.90
DEE.TO – $2.00

If you’ve noticed that you can game the BNN small cap picks I’d be interested in hearing your stories.

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