We are on board for another week of trading. Last week wasn’t all that great for the overall index slipping several hundred points. From a technical perspective it seems as though the TSX will hold strong above 11000 for now. The earnings reports out this week will either solidify that sentiment or rocket the market downward.

Here’s how a few of the stocks mentioned this week have closed off on Friday
GWG.V – $0.31
WLC.V – $2.08 – Look at the charts. Past couple weeks have a daily pattern.
PSX.TO – $1.84
BXI.V – $2.09

And what is that 200% we’re talking about? Well ATC.V is now comfortably over 300% and is closing in on a 400% gain. Coming up behind though is ELR.TO now trading at $1.30 was mentioned in May of last year at $0.445. Let’s have more of these in 2010.

Two penny stocks to watch this week.
OGC.TO – $1.89 – Some light reading for tonight if you’re interested. Oceana Gold has been fairly flat in 2010 but just announced some news. OceanaGold announces increased reserves at the Macraes Mine in New Zealand “The additional reserves that have been added at the Macraes open pit mine are a further reflection of the potential that exists within the Macraes goldfield to convert resources to reserves.”

WND.V – $1.85 – Their California contract will be providing them some good opportunity and exposure that will surely propel them higher this year. News Release

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