Here are a few blog posts that I’ve read over the past week. It’s been a great week for the Canadian Penny Stocks blog. There is now over 1000 followers of the Canadian Penny Stocks on twitter, it’s great to have everyone a member of this penny stocking community and twitter is a great place to share info fast. Of course the blog will always be here to post longer discussions of stocks and market commentary. So if you’re not on twitter yet, sign up and follow.
Canadian Penny Stocks on Twitter

Some links to check out:
Canadian Dream: Free at 45 has a post on the misconceptions of TFSAs. Answers some questions like can I have more than one TFSA account?
Intelligent Speculator shows how he chooses his trades.
SpringWise has their top 10 business ideas of 2010
Canadian Capitalist has a list of Asset Class returns for 2009. I suspect the numbers will be quite different in 2010.

Which blogs do you read?

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