We’re back in action with Canadian Penny Stocks this week. A long weekend in the financial capital of the world was a great way to recharge the batteries and continue on the financial journey of success this year. It looks like January is leaning towards being another up month. Many of the market analyst are now saying that most of the gains recently were institutionally led and little involvement from retail investors. This is significant because the retail investing sector has a lot of money that hasn’t returned to the investing game since the fallout of late last year. With more of this money coming back into the market it could sustain these prices or higher into the near future.

Instead of giving two stock picks to watch for this week, there will be two stocks that you probably shouldn’t own but have been mentioned on the Canadian Penny Stocks Blog before.

GLC.V – $0.10 – This one continues to struggle for cash. After completing a 20 to 1 stock consolidation, we can see that at $0.10 per share that if you invested pre-consolidation your stock would be trading at less than half a cent. Ugly. Now they are announcing another private placement at $0.08 a share. Not worth sticking around in the see what happens.

PRZ.V – $0.04 – Unfortunately this has been a significant laggard and has been disappointing with more than a 50% decline in the past 3 months. It’s getting taken off of my watchlist unless a significant news release highlights it again.

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