Happy 2010 investors!
It’s great to have had such a wonderful vacation season and it’s not over yet.  The markets will be firing up again for the new year and many are expecting the markets to rise sharply as the cash that has been sidelined moves back into equities in the new year.  Given this theory, the index will rise even further.

In the mean time, check out some of these small cap and penny stock videos on YouTube.

1. Sound Investing TV # 45: What can Small Cap do for you?

This video is what I truly believe is the best way to be investing in penny stocks. Not to be fully invested but using them as a springboard for growth in profits.

2. Making Heads and Tails of Penny Stocks

Picking penny stocks in plain english. Very simple process and really this is what it comes down to. They mention American companies, but the same principles apply to Canadian Small Caps too.

3. Penny Stocks : About Penny Energy Stocks

A good truth to gain from this video is that it takes different types of management to run different types of companies, even within the same sector. He’s against Canadian stocks due to many frauds, however there are far more pump and dump schemes operating in the United States! Canadian Energy stocks have tremendous potential. Just do the research first.

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