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Entries for January, 2010

TSX Downtrend In Focus

More downward motion in the stock markets over the past week. There was a lot of good news released during the week but the few misses were enough to scare off investors. I haven’t done any technical analysis on the site here in a while so I thought that with this clear trend downward we […]

Thursday Penny Stocks To Watch

Mostly a negative day on the TSX and it did end up in negative territory. The interesting thing is oil. It looks to me like it will be hitting a short term low and should see a little boune back. That’s a good thing for the penny stock picks. The picks from yesterday are indeed […]

Mid-Week Penny Stocks Update

The big news coming out Wednesday will be with Apple. Not much in the way of a penny stock investment but it will be a great gadget and likely make it on to my must have gadget of the year, so I’m looking forward to the announcement. In other, non-penny stock related news, the Berkshire […]

Two Canadian Penny Stocks

It’s been quite a busy time over at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog. Researching some stock ideas and studying up on some investing techniques that will hopefully profit the writer (and readers) of this blog. For now, here are two companies that you might want to look at: First Gold Exploration Inc. EFG.V – $0.63 […]

Friday’s Penny Stock Preview

A seriously rough day again on the stock market. Gold was below that technical 1100 for most of the day however was able to close above 1100 to maintain the daily support level. That’s good news for gold but I’m not entirely convinced that the negative market sentiment is done yet. After the market close […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

So another downer day on the TSX with gold and oil going in the same direction. It will be interesting to watch gold tomorrow as the technical support level at $1100 may be tested and the next level is another $50 lower. Not good news for the index and it’s looking like it’s more bad […]

A Brand New 200% Penny Stock Performance

That’s right.  Although just the other day the Canadian Penny Stocks blog mentioned ELR.TO that is now up 228% since initially featured, we now have another 200% penny stock gainer.  Stem Cell Therapeutics announces great news and is now standing at 233% gain since initially featured on the blog.  Here’s a post entirely on Stem […]

Stock Market Investing Formula: The Most Important One Of All

There’s a lot of investing noise out there.  Chances are that you’ve heard a lot of jargon when dealing with financial professionals or listening to CNBC.  While it does offer useful insight to those in the know, they sometimes leave out what really matters.  The basic way of comparing two companies side by side.  Price […]

A Stock Pick Up 200% In Our Midst

We are on board for another week of trading. Last week wasn’t all that great for the overall index slipping several hundred points. From a technical perspective it seems as though the TSX will hold strong above 11000 for now. The earnings reports out this week will either solidify that sentiment or rocket the market […]

Blogosphere Readings

Here are a few blog posts that I’ve read over the past week. It’s been a great week for the Canadian Penny Stocks blog. There is now over 1000 followers of the Canadian Penny Stocks on twitter, it’s great to have everyone a member of this penny stocking community and twitter is a great place […]