credit: meddygarnet

credit: meddygarnet

If you’re in the hunt for 100% gains then I hope you continue to follow along with the Canadian Penny Stocks blog in 2010.  Over the past 6 months we’ve covered a lot of ground and a lot of stock picks.  There have been big winners and big losers, but the commentary along proved to be helpful in whether or not some were buy or sells.

With 6 stocks above the 95% return mark it’s good to some, although others may be saying that’s not enough!  There are some newsletters out there that claim 1000% returns every week.  The problem is that many of those are pump and dumpers and are only looking to make money themselves.  Their “members” are basically driving up the price of stock while they put in their shorts and wait for the pump to stop and starting profiting from the plunging share prices.  If you follow a similar pattern you can make money too, but that’s not what this blog is about.

This is an independent blog that doesn’t take paid stock promotions so there’s no pumping and dumping here and that’s why I don’t expect to have big winners day after day.  A good example from this year was MagIndustries (MAA).  We had a close eye on this one and expected a big run up on a successful deal with SinoHydro.  The deal didn’t materialized and we didn’t have the big pop.  It was still tradeable for profits along the way though.

Stocks with returns over 95%

ELR.TO – Up 106.74%
ATC.V – Up 373.33%
CQE.TO – Up 99.43%
BXI.V – Up 133.3%
CMM.V – Up 110.81%
FWR.V – Up 96%

Penny Stock picks with gains above 40%

SSS.V – Up 63.64%
OGC.V – Up 49.54%
IAE.V – Up 47.78%

That’s it for this year in review.  We’ll continue to bring penny stock picks in 2010 along with stock market commentary and educational posts that will hopefully bring even more profits into your pockets at the end of next year.  Happy Investing.

What profitable stock trades did you make this past year?

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