Another strong day on the stock market however it’s interesting to note, and I’ve posted the question on Twitter that with talks of Bernanke winding down the stimulus programs, it shows the strength of the US economy which will drive the strength in the US Dollar.  However, the US economy will likely be affected by strong inflation if the interest rates still remain low.  The interesting part of that equation is the price of gold.  There are two sides to the current pricing of gold, one saying that gold is as high as it is because of the hedge against inflation.  Other investors believe that gold is high because that’s where they are parking their money because of the low US dollar.  With these two competing forces, it’s likely that gold prices will remain neutral until one side wins out on the battle.

YNG.TO – $0.23 – $0.22 (-4.35%)
GWG.V – $0.28 – $0.29 (+3.57%)

A few more to penny stock picks for tomorrow:
CMM.V – $0.32 – Looks like this one is another stock pick that is making its way towards the 100% level since featured on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog.  They also have lots of buzz lately. Century Mining Corp. Purchases Remaining Royalty Interest From Teck Resources Limited; Updates on Closing of Financing

CCJ.TO – $0.395 – Colacorp Mining Inc. is a Canada-based coal mining and development company that is focused on the exploration, development and exploitation of coal and coal-related assets, principally in Colombia. It properties include La Francia, which is an open pit coal operation located in north eastern Colombia.

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