Looks like there is some interesting large cap news out in the past couple of days.  The announcement of the Google Phone is really interesting.  The most interesting part about it is the unlocked availability, making the phone more easily switchable between carriers.  A great idea in my opinion, however we’ll see if it catches on, given the fact that it increases the buy cost of the phone.

Here are the picks from the last time:
SGF.TO – $0.80 – $0.81 (+1.25%)
EVG.V – $1.07 – $1.06 (-0.94%)
ARG.TO – $0.67 – $0.72 (+7.46%)

So let’s take a look at a few more:
YNG.TO – $0.23 – Really moved today on good news out about their agreement with Gold Hill Reclamation and Mining Corporation.  More information in their press release Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp. signs ore treatment agreement with Gold Hill Reclamation and Mining Corporation

GWG.V – $0.28 -  This is still my big long term play.  It just seems like a solid business plan on a growing market.  They’ve released a corporate update. Great Western Minerals Group Provides Corporate Update

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