Not a great trading week on the TSX, after the dust settled the index was off by about 100 points, although it dropped but much more midday on Wednesday.  I’m expecting much more of the same for the coming week.  Weakness in the financial sector given the talks from heads of state for further regulation in the banking industry.  This is a great opportunity to once again load up on the Canadian financials if they get taken down with the American ones.  But this blog isn’t about large caps.  It’s all about Canadian Penny Stocks.  So how well did we do investing in the small cap companies this week?

BXI.V – $1.97 – $1.92 (-2.53%)
WPX.TO – $0.49 – $0.46 (-6.12%)
WND.V – $1.79 – $1.72 (-3.91%)
SSS.V – $0.18 – $0.17 (-5.55%)
AVI.V – $0.09 – $0.085 (-5.56%)
EC.V – $1.00 – $1.15 (+15.0%)

So almost a sure fire way to lose money last week.  That certainly doesn’t mean we’re out of the game.  Since the blog has started there are now 6 stocks up over 100% with one of those picks standing on a 333% return.  Not too bad at all of a return on investment.  The important thing to know is when to cut your losses and knowing when to take profit.

Site update:  the number of educational posts have dropped off recently.  I’ve been in the accumulation phase as of late but over the Holidays I suspect that there will be many of these published.  Any suggestions?  Leave a comment or a tweet @cdnpennystock

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